When in Iceland … – how to prepare lunch/snack for the road

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In Iceland it is common that people prepare lunch/snack before hitting the road. The alternative is to stop at a gas station for a hot dog 😉

Start by going to the budget groceries stores www.bonus.is or www.kronan.is - should save you some bucks. 

We start with flatbread, loads of butter and smoked lamb. Icelanders have been eating this for ages and is very popular among kids. It is also recommended to try the flatbread with cheese. 



Next it is the famous icelandic Skyr. It comes in different variations - The blue one is "clean" and by far the healthiest but, as one would understand, the least tasty. I personally pick that over the other and add banana, nuts or whatever to pick up the taste. 


"Lifrapylsa" is a traditional lamb (and cattle) liver packed into ruminal atony (this is from google translate - hope it is right) but in later years this is not quite the case. You peel it of and eat what is inside it. Some heat it up but me and my kids eat it cold. I won´t guarantee that you like it but it is cheap and gives you plenty of energy. 



Lastly (until I add to this blog) you have to have dried fish. Put a lot of butter on it before you eat and once you think you have put enough add a bit to it. The dried fish is such a great source of protein and you should enjoy it. 


And get it all down with the chocolate milk "Kókó Mjólk" 🙂


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