Dancing in Borgarnes!

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Borgarnes is 50km from Reykjavík. I was born in Borgarnes  so it always has a special place in my heart. The mountain “Hafnarfjall” is very majestic and the new cultural house Hjálmaklettur where we performed has really nice architecture.

We performed two shows on the concert stage with an audience of 240 people – which is amazing for such a small town.


So here are my recommendations for BORGARNES

  1. I recommend a visit to the beautiful swimming pool of Borgarnes, the view from the pool is a must see. When you are swimming you kind of level the ocean, beautiful…
  2. Walking by the sea to Bjössaróló – a small playground made by a local named Bjössi. A sweet man I knew as a kid made all the swings and play horses by hand.

3. Landnámssetrið is a good place for coffee and has a great cultural program with shows and concerts.

4. And Geirabakary by the bridge has the best cinnamon bun with chocolate “snúður með harða súkkulaðinu” wich you can ask for microwaved (doesnt sound good but this is the taste of my childhood;)

5. We also had pizza at, Pizzaplace La Colina!

Beautiful sunset – view from Geira-bakery

We had some really nice pizza from La Colina that we took home to my grandmothers place – doing 2 shows and having a afterparty at my grandmothers house was the perfect ending for a stay in Borgarnes:)

Until next time


p.s. There is a really nice golf course and horse rentals in Borgarnes too if you are into that…I know nothing about golf,  but HAMAR (the golf house is located a bit outside of Borgarnes looks good : http://gbgolf.is/vollurinn/

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