Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the "single" most tourist attraction in Iceland. The Circle always includes Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss Waterfall but other attractions along the route are also impressive. 

If you are doing this as a self-drive tour it is pretty simple. Visit Þingvellir að make your first stop at the view point and visit the visitor´s center to learn a little about the geographical and historical significance of Thingvellir. Have a look over Thingvellir and in good weather walk down Almannagjá towards Lögberg, where the contry´s parliament Alþingi was assembled in 930 (no we are not missing a number) which makes the oldest in the world. If you have the chance either to walk or drive to Flosagjá and Silfra Fissure it is well worth your time. If you are interested there are several companies that offer snorkeling experience in Silfra, where the visibility is unique - we can highly recommend that as an activity. Snorkeling in Silfra 


From Þingvellir you drive to Geysir via route 37 and later 365 and 37 - you should not miss it. Geysir area is named after the iconic Great Geyser which has not erupted for years now but the most active and reliable geyser in the world, Strokkur, erupts every 15 minutes 30 meters up in the air - Truely magnificent. 

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From Geysir area there are only 15 km to Gullfoss or the Golden Waterfall. Gullfoss is the most recognized waterfall in Iceland and a very spectacular one. 

A photo by Cosmic Timetraveler.

On your way we suggest a visit to Efsti-Dalur II for a lunch stop, especially if you are travelling with children. 

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