Siglufjörður – Hótel Sigló should be on your #lifegoal list

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We spent the weekend in Siglufjörður. Driving trough a few tunnels that have only one traffic lane (very interesting and a bit scary) Siglufjörður is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland surrounded by snowy mountains like a white crown. For 3 days we had sun, no wind(weater in iceland is so unpredictable this was quite extraordinary) We have a word in iceland  “spegilsléttur” literally translates to “flat like a mirror” (sea was so still you can mirror yourself in the water) and there is little traffic especially in the evenings the town is totally quiet.

Hótel Siglo is a new beautiful hotel. Its on the harbour, the ski-aria is 5 min driving distance. I didn’t try it because I was performing in the cultural house of Fjallabyggð (the name of the region) that is located in the next fjord Ólafsfjörður. photo marino thorlacius

Im at a loss for words in describing this weekend at Siglufjörður (my boyfriend took this picture the weather was actually like this!) it was so nice! I had my family with me so we managed to combine this work trip with relaxing time and I enjoyed it so much. The standard rooms at the hotel are fantastic, big bed, windows you can sit and read in, really nice bathroom. The design of the room is really well thought out, Im really into details and what I appreciated was that the room is actually made for people to use it. There are so many hangers, hooks and places to put your stuff in witch is so neccicery if you are travelling in iceland with big jackets, ski-pants, dresses, shoes, fur-hats etc. And seeing how we are 3 in there room this is a lot of stuff. The rooms eat up all your luggage and your room stays ultra-cosy with all your stuff!

Every room has  bathrobes and slippers so you can go outside to the harbour into the hot tub. The hot tub is by the sea and there is also a big sauna. The atmo was incredible the sea was still and sun.  There were 15 people having drinks after a day of ski-ing and some icelanders were daring some of the tourists to follow their lead an jump from the harbour into the sea! I had my daughter with me so I was happy to have that excuse not to jump in (With all the vikingwillpower in my body I would spassm and die from the cold- I’m more into heat;)


There is a bar menu all day at the restaurant with one of the best delux“plokkfiskur” Ive had.  The breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant Sunna that has the most amazing view over the harbour.

Nice vine and cocktail menu – apperol spritz with the moonlight in total silence with w
ild birds on the sea next too you, with snowy mountains!

My two favourite moments of the trip to Hótel Sigló

Most amaizing moonlight.

On saturdaynight we dined at Sunna the restaurant, beautiful food and my boss (my 2yearold) had an off m
enu order, and asked for cheerios with milk.


She was served cheerios with a silver spoon and was so happy during the meal. In the evening the moonlight was so strong that it lit up the whole fjord.…so amaizing.

Evening swim

On the sunday evening my daughter and I had a night swim in the hot tub, she was super exhited to go swimming at 21:30. We were alone in the water, looking at the northern lights and stars.

Having a 2yearold is so much fun – she was semi-yelling WOW mom look at the “little lights” trying to say “stjörnur” LOOK mom “the green” is dancing

I would say that staying at Hótel Sigló in the wintertime needs to be on your #lifegoal list;) I promise you wont regret it.


Check out our instagram page: planyouricelandtrip for more photos of #hotelsiglo and this trip:)

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