There are a lot of good restaurants in the Reykjavik area in our opinion. 

Following are a few that we can recommend.

We will try to update this list and give our best suggestions at any given time. 

Tasting Menus 


150325-001702-EditAt the heart of the culinary experience that is the Grillmarket is Iceland´s pristine nature. A close working collaboration with dedicated local farmers guarantees the very best in local produce and allows us to create a menu that´s a magical fusion of tradition and modern cuisine.



Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 09.22.27

Apotek Restaurant is an exciting restaurant located in one of the most beautiful corners of Reykjavík.

The restaurant is casual-smart, offering delicious food in vibrant atmosphere and stylish surroundings.



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Bryggjan Brugghús is Iceland’s 1’st Micro Brewery and bistro located in the trendiest area of Reykjavík harbourside. The bistro offers delicius local foods in a cool atmosphere and world class bevereges brewed on site.




snapSnaps Bistro offers top quality food and a variety of good wines and cocktails.


salurinn okkarEmploying creative courses & the best of Icelandic nature, the Fish Company´s chefs send guests on daily trips around Iceland, without them having to leave their tables. Making it an experience of dining in Reykjavík, unlike any other.




unspecifiedKD7TBQ4RHead chef of Sjávargrillið spent months traveling around Iceland looking for the real taste of Iceland and along the way they found a few things that now are key items of the interior of their new restaurant.




120426-170912-EditRestaurant Fish Market uses Iceland’s freshest ingredients to prepare original fish, meat and sweet dishes with a modern twist. They buy directly from the country’s farmers and fishermen to guarantee the sustainability and quality of their dishes.




Kopar fiskur mynd

Kopar Restaurant is a seafood restaurant were they focus on locally caught seafood & crustaceans. Kopar offers a variety of Icelandic produce, including meat and game although the main emphasis is the fruit of the ocean.
You will enjoy a night at Kopar where you can delight yourself with great service and atmosphere, delicious food and a good view, overlooking the harbour.


Fine dining

_32B1892Grillið is a restaurant well known to locals in Reykjavik. From the very beginning, more than 50 years ago, Grillið has been regarded as one of the best restaurants in Iceland. It's located on the eighth floor of the Radisson BLU Saga hotel. If you're interested in fine dining, perfectly presented, exquisite food, professional service and excellent wines with a spectacular view of the city, you have come to the right place.




"VFMLID=60127350"Since opening in 1965 The Gallery Restaurant in Hótel Holt has been the premier destination for fine dining in Iceland. Central to its revival is Head chef, Friðgeir Ingi Eiríksson, who has now established the restaurant as an international culinary destination and receiving the Nordic Prize in 2012 whilst representing Iceland.



Kolabrautinkolabrautin A dinner at the elevated fourth floor of Harpa concert hall is a destination in itself. Relax and enjoy the best Icelandic produce in fine Italian culinary tradition, complemented with a spectacular panoramic view of Reykjavík harbor and the surrounding horizon. 



stadurinn_1Sushi Samba offers a unique fusion of Japanese and South American cuisine combined with the freshness of Icelandic ingredients. 




bakkiklipptur Osushi Fresh sushi made and served to you on a revolving band. 




Vegeterian / Vegan


glo_street_food_1680x960Glo restaurants offer fresh and healthy meals every day from noon until evening. In the Gló Restaurants (at Laugavegur 20b and Hæðarsmári 6) you will find a menu of the day that includes raw food, vegan and vegetarian courses, soup, wraps, a chicken course and many different salads. Gló Street Food (at Engjateigur 19 and Fákafen 11) offers healthy and delicious fast food including; the bowl, soup of the day, a vegan burger and a beef burger with gluten free bread





RogJResto Chef Johann Helgi Johannsson and his wife Ragnheidur Helen Edvardsdottir own and manage Resto. Johann has built up a great reputation for quality cooking in other restaurants in Reykjavik so they decided to follow their dreams and open their own restaurant. The atmosphere is friendly and there is much effort put into the food.



The Coocoo´s Nest is a small family restaurant located in the harbor area of Reykjavik - inspired from California and Italy.

Chef & artist Lucas Keller is from California, he studied & worked in culinary in Italy.

Co-owner & wife, Iris Ann, is a photographer and visual artist from Reykjavik.



5446407b1ddadTapasbarinn Imagine yourself in the hot sun of Barcelona, following the crowds down a step or two into the cool interior of a typical bodega or wine bar. Greeted by whitewashed walls, simple wooden tables and the big smile of the patron and his friendly young staff, you would be forgiven for not realizing that you are, in fact, in downtown Reykjavik.



W8A7995-400x400Forréttabarinn Tasty tapas with an Icelandic twist

Offering a new spin on traditional Icelandic cuisine and boasting an extensive selectio...n of local beer, Forréttabarinn – or “the starters bar” - is more than worth seeking out when you’re in need of a bite to eat or a place to start your night out in Reykjavík. Whatever dish you choose from the refreshingly creative menu, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Family Friendly

 laundroLaundromat Great brunch & good atmosphere. Great place for the kids to play while the parents kick their shoes off. 

And if you had a long-night before their dirty-brunch or the steak-sandwich is the perfect way to start your day. 




about-1At Public House Gastropub, they emphasize on serving fun dining along with some quality ambience.

They use Icelandic ingredients but add some “japanese flair” to their dishes as they like to have fun with your food and drinks.



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