Perfect Weekend Day

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You should wake up rather early and make your way to Sólir Yoga Center and do a hot yoga class at 9.00 on Saturday or 9.30 on Sunday. These two classes are both for beginners and more advances yogis (not sure that I am using this right). It is preferred that you book your place in advance. After the class you make your way to the Coocoo´s Nest for one of the best brunches in Reykjavik. Do not be surprised if it is packed and then you have the option to go to the other side of the road to Kaffivagninn. If the weather is particularly good I would actually pick that latter and try to get a table outside and have a fantastic view over the harbor. 

After brunch you have two options in the harbour area that both are interesting. Firstly it is the Whales of Iceland museum where they have full size models of the most common whales around Iceland, information on the whales and their biology. It possible to purchase your admission here. The second option is the Aurora Reykjavik - Northern Lights Center which gives you the opportunity to learn a little about the phenomenon and watch HD film of amazing aurora displays. It is nothing like seeing them with your own eyes but nevertheless this is an interesting thing to do. 

Once you are done in the harbour area you should make your way to the city center, by foot (if the weather is not too bad). Visit some of the small shops in the Old Harbour Area. You can also find good and interesting restaurants in the area but you should still be good after your brunch 🙂 Walk towards the Harpa Concert Hall and visit that for it´s amazing architecture. 

After the visit to Harpa you make your way to the Sun Voyager  sculpture and a little walk along the coastline. After that you walk to Skólavörðuholt and Hallgrímskirkja and go to the top for a view over the city. Once you are done you walk down Skólavörðustígur and visit some of the small shops along that street.

At this point you should visit Bæjarins Bestu Hot Dog Stand, which is the most recognized and most popular (measured by portions sold) restaurant in Reykjavik. Very close to the hot dog stand there is a Flea Market called Kolaportið. You might either find it disgusting (for the smell of fish that is sold there) or interesting/fun. But anyways, visit it.

You should also visit Austurvöllur and have a look at the parliament building and Reykjavik´s city Hall which stands by Reykjavik´s pond  where you can see an Icelandic family feed the ducks 🙂

Time for a drink? Visit Skúli Craft Bar for beer or Klaustur Bar for a glass of wine or their G&T menu.

This has been a long day and if you accommodation does not offer Spa facilities we recommend that you visit Ísafold Spa for a relaxing time before heading out for dinner. 

The restaurant options are endless (okay not true but...) - please visit our restaurant recommendation page for a little overview of what Reykjavik has to offer.





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