Northern Lights Tour


Join us on a search for the northern lights When conditions are favorable we head out to search for the Aurora Borealis, often called the Northern Lights Highlights: - We head in the direction with the most likely chances to see the Northern Lights, avoiding the light pollution of the city. - Our guides will teach you some facts about the Northern Lights. - This might be a long night so we bring along light refreshments “Kleina” (Icelandic twisted doughnut) for you and hot cocoa to keep you warm during the wait for the lights


Northern Lights, Aurora Boralis

Northern Lights, Aurora Boralis

Northern Lights, Aurora Boralis

What is included?

Pick up from hotels/guesthouses/hostels starts 30 minutes before the departure. Please be ready for that time.

What do I need to bring?

Dress extremely well! Bring a hat and gloves and wear thick socks