Dancing around Iceland – lovely lake house at Egilsstaðir

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Hi,  my name is Sigga Soffia  and I am a choreographer and dancer. The guys from “Planyouricelandtrip”  were so nice to ask me to
blog on their behalf seeing how I’m currently touring Iceland with a danceperfomance called FUBAR…but I’m not writing about dance here but my lovely home country ICELAND

In the past Ive been touring in Europe with different companies and I found it a bit off that I´ve been in so many small towns in france,belgium,holland etc but Ive never performed outside of Reykjavík in Iceland until now. So Ill be writing about a few locations in Iceland here for the next weeks. Hope you will enjoy.



We took a domestic flight 14th of November from the citycenter of Reykjavík to Egilsstaðir. A 40 min flight with a great view, its already worth it to go flying just to see the amazing landscape from above. Its deffinlety colder in the east,north and westfjords so you better dress for the occasion.

When I think of Egilsstaðir I think of sea monsters, reindeers and snow. Didn’t see any of the 3, didn’t really try eather…

We had a pickup at the airport, and YES there are 3 taxis in Egilsstaðir not common in small towns, you can easily walk everywhere there.

We stayed at Gistiheimilið Egilsstöðum thats next to the lake – lagarfljótið, that has a monster living in it, kind of like our lochnessmonster. Lagarfljótsormurinn/Lagarfljót worm, (or simply Iceland Worm Monster) is an icelandic lake monster which is purported to live in the lake Lagarfljót in the town of Egilsstaðir Sightings have been logged since 1345 and continue into the 21st century, including a 2012 video supposedly showing the creature swimming.

The east is also famous for the fact they have wild reindeers and Im guessing you can  take a tour to see them, or just drive around and look ?!… you should ask the guys for more info;)

I have to tell you about this hotel its one of the charming  places I’ve stayed at. Really authentic and beautifully renovated. The farm of Egilsstaðir is situated by the busiest crossroads in East Iceland. From the beginning the occupants of the farm had many visitors so it was no coincidence that a guesthouse opened there, later to become “Gistihúsið á Egilsstöðum” or The Egilsstaðir Guesthouse. That name has stuck and even if the place has long since become a hotel it’s name is still Gistihúsið – Lake Hotel.

The house is still a farm and in the building by the parking lot you can look inside the windows a herd of cows  will look back at you.

Lagarfljót – the lake with the monster
The other side of the hotel facing the lake.
from the website of Gistiheimilið Egilsstöðum

The atmo at Gistiheimilið Egilsstöðum is so warm and nice I didn’t want to leave. I’stayed at the spa for 2-3 hours, watching the sunset on the lake. I was the only one there , it was so quiet relaxing and beautiful.

The lobby has big windows and was filled with candles. I sat there with my macbook working in the evening and had a glass of vine next to a group of women that I overheard meet up there to knit every week.

And the restaurant is excellent , we had a 3 course meal, the soup of the day was wild mushrooms and í think its the best I’ve had…And you can get lýsi with the breakfast!  Anyways I could not recommend this place more! I give it 5stars and a reindeer

We did 3 performances at Sláturhúsið in 2 days so it was fantastic to swim in the spa between shows tho relax sore muscles. “The slaughterhouse” is the cultural centre and hosts workshops, performances and art shows all year round so you should check out there schedule if your in Egilsstaðir.

Iceland is thats its never the same, you can only plan so much, random stuff happens all the time, an avalanche, a volcanic eruption or mudslide… or you accidentally hit a sheep with your car, or a storm – you just have roll with it:)

When we were in Egilsstaðir  on the 14th-16th of november, the first -real- winter snowstorm was coming.  There was a 50/50 chance of being trapped there for a few days…we just managed to fly out.



until next time #visit Egilsstaðir.



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