Baddi´s guide to Iceland Airwaves

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Iceland Airwaves may seem like a jungle of bands sometimes and hard to decide where to go, but the good thing about it is that it´s a jungle of good bands. No matter where you go, you won´t be disappointed! Sometimes it´s best to pick one venue for each evening and stay there since there might be lines as we get closer to midnight. I usually go see the Icelandic bands, since their Airwaves gig´s are more usually more ambitious than regularly. Here´s my guide to Iceland Airwaves; Icelandic bands only!


Wednesday, 2nd of November

This evening I think I´ll just stay at NASA the whole night!

21:40 Teitur Magnússon is one of my favorite bands (it´s named after the frontman and creator Teitur Magnússon). If you like indie pop music you´ll love this!

22:30 Snorri Helgason or Icelands´ Paul McCartney as I like to call him (he´d probably prefer the Jackson C. Frank of Iceland) is a solo project from folk singer Snorri Helgason. I don´t know if he has the whole band or if he´ll perform alone but it really doesn´t matter, both ways are great!

23:20 Tilbury. My one of two favorite bands in Iceland today! Great songs, pop songs with a twist. Their sound is so ridiculously appealing you simply can´t stop listening! If you like Tame Impala for example, you´ll love Tilbury!

00:10 Moses Hightower. This is a great band that´s been around for quite some time but never lets you down. The song composition and the melodies are catchy and unique and as surprising as free jazz (if free jazz was fun).


Thursday, 3rd of November

19:20 at Reykjavík Art Museum: Máni Orrason. Máni Orrason came to the scene 17 years old with a voice that took Iceland by storm! He´s unique voice along with catchy pop songs make him one of the most exciting talent in Iceland today.

20:50 at Gamla Bíó: Júníus Meyvant. My other favorite band in Iceland. 70´s pop music with a twist and the most beautiful voice in Iceland today (a long with Valdimar, check them out at Iðnó, Friday at 00:40). If you like Everybody´s talkin at me as much as I do, you´ll love this. Hands down the best string and brass arrangements in Icelandic history, I can´t recommend this enough!

21:40 at Gamla Bíó: Dj flugvél og geimskip. And now for something completely different! Words can´t describe her music, people try to describe it as Space pop made on an LSD trip…which isn´t far off, but in a good way. Wanna be surprised, see her!

23:20 Gaukurinn: Markús & the diversion sessions. Great folksy storytelling mixed with Pavement-esque indie pop. Brought the “strumming-on-an-electric-guitar” back to live.

00:20 at Gamla Bíó: Sin Fang. Just be there!


Friday 4th of November

20:50 at Gamla Bíó: Stafrænn Hákon. I know I´ve talked a lot about indie music, but if you look indie music up in a dictionary you´ll see a picture of frontman Ólafur Örn Jósepsson riding a baby dinosaur while cutting his hair!

21:40 Harpa Silfurberg: Reykjavíkurdætur. 8 girls with attitude telling us what the f**k is wrong with the world!

22:20 Nasa: Glowie. Pop star in the making. I think she´s 12 years old or something (ok, she´s eighteen) but with a voice like an angel and songs to match.

00:30 Gamla Bíó: Prins Póló. Ok, so this is the last of my three favorite bands (yes I said three favorite bands before, just check it out). Don´t overcomplicate things and be original is probably what his father used to say!


Saturday 5th of November

20:50 at Iðnó: Dalí. If you like 90´s era girl grunge bands you´ll love Dalí! Frontgirl Erla´s voice, so beautiful and pure, mixed with her grungy tunes is simply magnificent; An angel in disguise!

21:40 at Iðnó: Lára Rúnars. Singer/songwriter Lára Rúnars is simply an Icelandic pop gem.

23:30 at NASA: Mr. Silla. One of the greatest voices in Icelandic music history…and combined with really original and exciting tunes won´t let you down!

01:00 at Harpa Silfurberg: FM Belfast. Pure joy, pure excitement, pure catchy pop driven electro music. A-complete-must-see!







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